Intentional21: FAMILIES edition


This 7-week program is presented 100% virtually, in a private Facebook group, by Nutrition Coach Barb Ladimir and facilitated by Nutrition Coach Tracy Kinney.

This is NOT a diet! Intentional21 is a program designed to help FAMILIES change their MINDSET about what it truly means to be healthy, take control of their cravings, detox their bodies, recharge their metabolism, and create healthy & sustainable lifestyle habits to help them reach their weight loss & nutrition goals. 

The GOAL of Intentional21 FAMILY edition is to teach a family how to lead a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable LONG term. 

Intentional21...FAMILY EDITION! 

What does it include? 

    • Video training to explain the program and all its stages.  
    • The NO List
    • The YES List
    • Meal Plan Template & Recipe books
    • DAILY coaching and accountability
    • FAQ’s
    •  FB Group 
    • Daily Posts from your nutrition coach all 7 weeks!!!
    • The posts will be filled with Tips, Nutrition facts and research, Guidance, Encouragement, Motivation and answers to ALL your questions from your Nutrition coach
    • An "exit" strategy video with what your next steps will be after the program is over and how to make this a lifestyle!
    • Weekly challenges WITH PRIZES!!! 


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