Fitness320: Intentional21 (Subscription)

$39.00 / renewal

This 7-week program is presented 100% virtually, in a private Facebook group, by  Coach LeAnne Ash and Owner of Fitness320, Barb Ladimir.

This is NOT a diet! Intentional21 is a program designed to help people change their MINDSET about what it truly means to be healthy, take control of their cravings, detox their bodies, recharge their metabolism, and create healthy & sustainable lifestyle habits to help them reach their weight loss & nutrition goals. 


FITNESS320: Intentional21...Nutrition RESET and beyond!

What does it include? 

    • 2-hour Workshop – via Zoom live or on playback for your convenience 
    • PREP Week....we will break the program down day by day for you so that you do not feel overwhelmed and have a PLAN of action to get started!
    • Materials (You will be provided with a TON of materials/handouts as listed below)
    • Get Your Head In the Game (The MENTAL portion of the program)
    • Part 1: Detox/Low Carb
    • Part 2: High Carb/Low carb cycle
    • Prep Week/Tips to Get Started
    • The NO List
    • Shopping List/The YES List
    • Meal Plan Template & Recipes (our OWN Intentional21 Pinterest Page)
    • Carb Cycling Calendar
    • FAQ’s
    •  FB Group 
    • Daily Posts from health coach for prep week, the 21 day program and the first week of “beyond”
    • Regular Accountability
    • Every other day posts from your health coach for the last 2 weeks of the program. 
    • The posts will be filled with Tips, Nutrition facts and research, Guidance, Encouragement, Motivation and answers to ALL your questions from your health coach
    • Weekly challenges WITH PRIZES!!! 

This is a subscription and will renew for $39 every 7 weeks......We are CONSTANTLY adding NEW content to the program and NEW recipes so you can stay IN the program round after round and gain something NEW each time along with the continued accountability and individual support too!!!

(You can cancel your membership at ANY time as well through the member dashboard on our website)

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