Strong as a Mother 1.5 Zoom Class | T/Th | 9 am | Coach Barb



9 AM  on Zoom | Tuesday & Thursday

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Instructor: Barb Ladimir

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Coach Barb Ladimir is not only the owner of Fitness320, a certified Personal Trainer and Group strength coach but ALSO a Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist…and a mom of 5 children (that she birthed!!)

Strong as a Mother 1.0 can be mind blowing. You’ve now identified these bad habits that you’ve had for most of your life and it takes longer than 7-weeks to reprogram your body. When you graduate from 1.0 the idea is that you continue to do the exercises on your own. A lot of people need the extra accountability and structure to continue putting in the work, so we created Strong as a Mother 1.5! We will pick up right where we left off at the end of SAAM 1.0 and continue the journey to a STRONG core!!!

6-week program

Live option ($149): 2 live classes each week with both detailed instruction on movements and a follow along workout with Coach Barb. Your will get the benefit of having a coach watch your form and give feedback during the workout too! There will be additional exercise breakdown videos and daily short mobility workouts given as well!

Playback only option ($99): This is a GREAT option if you’re unable to make the live class time. You will have access to the playback video complete with instruction and full workout.

Equipment: yoga, mat, towel, resistance bands with door anchor, booty band, sliders
Suggested: a 36″ foam roller and lacrosse ball (for at home mobility exercises).


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