Strong as a Mother Bootcamp Zoom Class | T/TH | 7:00 PM EST | Coach Jen G.

$129.00 every 6 renewals

* Must take foundations course first before signing up for this class

The next start date is September 20th….registration opens one week prior!! 

7:00 PM EST  Tuesday & Thursday
Zoom Class

Instructor: Jen George


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6-week "Strong as a Mother" bootcamp is for graduates of SAAM Foundations ONLY! It will be a continuation of the foundations course and ALL focused around exercise and mobility! Each week on Tuesday and Thursday you will get a LIVE workout that begins with an "ignition" style warm up, 25-35min strength workout and end with a cool down with stretches. You will also have access to the SAAM exercise breakdown library that will take each exercise and break it down so you totally understand the WHY behind the HOW of each movement! You will also get suggestions for mobility homework each week to keep your body lengthened and ready to be strengthened! This is low impact but NOT will sweat and burn calories and build strength!!!

Equipment needed (not used in every workout but have on hand and be ready to use it): A chair, yoga blocks, exercise bands, booty band, foam roller, light and heavy dumbbells, small pillow or rolled up towel and exercise sliders! It's going to be SOOOO fun!!!

***It is NOT included with this program but we DO highly recommend the Intentional21 Nutrition program along side Bootcamp. Intentional21 is an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan that will detox your body and the awesome side effects of that are weight loss, reduction of inflammation in your joints, gut & intestines, you will have better sleep patterns, more energy and so much more!! The combination of Intentional21 and Bootcamp will provide you with the most effective abdominal engagement and strength gains. You will LOOK and FEEL like a new person!!!! Visit our Intentional21 page on the Fitness320 website to find more info and register!!***

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Strong as a Mother

Zoom Class


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