Virtual Gym Membership

$39.00 / month



Welcome to the Fitness320 Virtual gym!!! As a member you have the opportunity to log into LIVE group fitness classes throughout the day with a variety of class options! These aren’t just live streaming classes but LIVE via ZOOM so your coach SEES you and can give you real time feedback on your form so you can be confident that you are doing all the exercises effectively and safely!

Here are just SOME of the MANY class options that you will be able to choose from EVERY week!!!

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 30-45min classes
  • LIIT (Low Intensity Interval Training focused on strength training but all low impact) 30-45min classes
  • Total BodyTabata (combo of upper, lowerbody and core)  30-45min classes
  • Cardio HEAT 30min classes
  • Morning Flow Yoga (Hip mobility is the focus)
  • Restorative Yoga (activating your deep abdominals muscles is the focus)
  • POWER Core (working your entire core including abs, glutes, inner thighs and mid back)
  • Buns & Guns (arms and legs/glutes focus)
  • 9-rounds (cardio kickboxing at its best)
  • Pilates
  • Boot Camp classes (combo of strength and cardio….modifications given for ALL fitness levels)

Log into your member portal to access the current schedule of classes, descriptions and ZOOM Meeting ID for that class. In addition to the LIVE classes, you will also have a library of recorded workouts that you can do anytime!!!