Zoom Boot Camp


Virtual Zoom Boot Camp is good for 6 weeks of Zoom Virtual classes. Select your coach, and they will contact you with live session dates and times.

You can add “Fit Foodie Group” to join an accountability group for only $30 extra!

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FITNESS320 ZOOM Boot Camp:

Here are the times that each Coach will be going LIVE in their zoom classes….

  • Coach Barb: T/TH at 6:15pm
  • Coach Gina: T/TH 7pm
  • Coach Jen George: M/W at 6am and M/W at 7pm
  • Coach Tracy:T/Th at 9:15am
  • Coach Brenda: (Active Aging): M/W at 9am
  • Coach Michele: T/Th at 7am
  • Coach Jen F:  T/TH at 9:30am
  • Coach Tracy K: T/TH at 6:15pm

ZOOM boot camp classes will be available to do LIVE along with playback options. For $70, you will receive 6 weeks of access to 2 LIVE zoom boot camps(strength, cardio, core)  Plus a bonus 7th week of workouts that can be used for make up days or extra workouts if you don’t miss any days!!! WOOHOO!!!

Our coaches pay CLOSE attention to your form during class and spend time explaining the correct movements to ensure you are getting an effective and safe workout!!

A workout library with a LOT of additional workouts with also be available to each member. All workouts are programed by a Certified Personal Trainer and zoom classes are LIVE coached so we will still be able to SEE you and COACH you to ensure form and effectiveness of each movement! 

**Once you register with a Coach, she will contact you to add you to the class time that you prefer!