Fitness320: Intentional21 for Athlete’s


This 6-week program (with a FULL prep/education week before it begins) is presented 100% virtually, in a private Facebook group, by Nutrition Coach Barb Ladimir.

This is NOT a diet! Intentional21for ATHLETES is a program designed to help people change their MINDSET about what it truly means to be healthy, take control of their cravings, detox their bodies, recharge their metabolism, recover faster, perform better, build more strength and create healthy & sustainable lifestyle habits. 

You will not only learn WHAT to eat to really FUEL your body but HOW to be INTENTIONAL with your nutrition and WHY it matters!! 

FITNESS320: Intentional21... FOR ATHLETES....

If you are looking to RECOVER faster, PERFORM better, BUILD strength, INCREASE energy, LOSE fat, SLEEP better, get rid of bloating and GI issues and become an OVERALL healthier person...THIS is the program for you!! 

What does it include? 

    • Video training AND documents to learn how to FUEL your body for optimal performance
    • NO counting, measuring, weighing or tracking....learn what a balanced meal LOOKS like for ultimate long term success
    • Meal Plan Template & Recipe Books
    • Education on Carb cycling for ATHLETES
    • Unlimited Q&A
    •  Private FB group
    • Daily Posts from your nutrition coach all 7 weeks!!!
    • The posts will be filled with Tips, Nutrition facts and research, Guidance, Encouragement, Motivation and answers to ALL your questions from your Nutrition coach
    • Weekly challenges WITH PRIZES!!! 


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Barb Ladimir