This is NOT a diet! Intentional21 is a 6-week anti-inflammatory program designed to help people change their MINDSET about what it truly means to be healthy, take control of their cravings, understand what causes inflammation and the effects it has on the whole body, detox their bodies with food, recharge their metabolism, and create healthy & sustainable lifestyle habits to help them reach their weight loss & nutrition goals.

What does it include? 

    • Video training to explain Intentional21 and all its stages.  
    • Part 1- PREP Week (week 1) You will learn ALL about the program, WHY it works and how to get ready for detox week!
    • Part 2: Detox  (week 2)
    • Part 3: High Carb/Low carb cycles (week 3-7)
    • TONS of resources for you to help you be successful:
    • Shopping List…”The YES List”
    • Meal Plan Template & Recipes 
    • Carb Cycling Calendar
    • Daily Accountability
    • Challenges WITH PRIZES!!!
    • Also learn about reintroduction and intentional FLEX meals
    • All this is done through a private FB group
    • ALL FOR ONLY $39!!! WOOHOO!!!

Watch this short video to hear WHY this program was created and HOW it can change your world!!! 


The NEW round will begin September 19th with PREP week. Registration will be open from Sept 11-24th.

“I’m NEVER going back to old and unhealthy habits. It feels SO good to feel GOOD!” 

-Myrela Lemos

” I  haven’t seen this weight in over 6 years!!! I have SO much less bloating and joint pain and MORE energy throughout the day!”

-Elizabeth Jane

“This has been SO eye opening! I  found my energy again, I  have been sleeping better and have reduced anxiety. I’ve lost 8lbs and feel STRONGER!”

-Lisa Stanford

“I’ve known for along time that I need to kick the sugar out of my life, but whenever I’ve started, I’ve given up when the withdrawal hits. Being part of a group has given me the accountability I needed to get through the toughest part.”

-Christin Doepke

“I’m down 13lbs, I feel great. No sugar cravings. I didn’t measure but I need new jeans and that’s all the measurements! I have 20 more to go but I’m off to a great start. Carb cycling and easy good foods makes this program a home run!”

-Christina Sweet

“My total weight loss in the first 21 days was 7lbs. My non-scale victories are that my pants fit better, less nasal congestion and discomfort and less joint pain in the morning.” 

-Aimee Eames

“I  have energy ALL day and I have lost a lot of my inflammation. My head is clear, no more brain fog and headaches all the time. This group has been amazing!” 

-Kristin Krekorian

“I  was able to loose 9lbs in the first 21 days but a total of 15lbs overall. More importantly I broke my Diet Coke addiction and not eating anymore sugar!! Combining diet with the exercise is the key and I knew that, I just needed a little push. There is no going back now because my kids are eating better too!!”

-Jenny Hassenfelt….pictured here:

Led by Certified Nutrition Coach and Owner of Fitness320

Barb Ladimir


“I am ABSOLUTELY pumped with my results!”

“I  can actually SEE my abs now”

don’t have to track my macros or weigh out food anymore and that is the MOST liberating feeling EVER

~Christine (Int21 grad)