Strong as a Mother

This program is for anyone looking to build a STRONG core the RIGHT way, because your core is your central command station for your entire body! All classes are conveniently hosted via Zoom, so you can join from anywhere.

Join From Anywhere

All classes held via Zoom

Strong As A Mother is for you if you experience any of the following:

  • Chronic low back pain

  • Tight hip flexors

  • Chronic knee pain with squatting, lunges, or running

  • Neck tension and constant tension headaches

  • Always having a hard time when catching your breath when exercising

  • Hard time doing push-ups or planks without neck and shoulder soreness and pain

  • Diastasis (split abdominals)

  • “Sneeze-pees” or “Jump-pees” (leaking)

  • Balance issues

  • Just feeling loose and mushy all over your mid section

  • A Desire to firm up your glutes (aka…booty!)

SAAM is a 7-week course that is facilitated on Facebook and the live class on Tuesday of each week is at 6am EST via Zoom! The start dates for 2022 are listed below.

  • April 17

  • June 12

  • August 14

  • October 9

Science Behind Strong as a Mother

This is the perfect place to start! Watch this video to hear grad testimonies as well as the science behind the creation of this program! 

Click to watch this video to learn more about How the program works!

Last but not least…check out THIS video to see what equipment you will need to take this SAAM course!! The only thing you have left to do….is grab a friend to join you and sign up! WOOHOO!!!!