Virtual Gym

Welcome to the Fitness320 Virtual gym!!! As a member you have the opportunity to log into LIVE group fitness classes throughout the day with a variety of class options! Here are just SOME of the MANY class options that you will be able to choose from EVERY week!!!

Virtual Gym Classes


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Nonstop HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Tone up and sculpt your entire body with cardio and strength at a fast pace with high impact! This class is designed to improve muscular strength and endurance with resistance training exercises that target major muscles.Dumbbells and mat are used. Intermediate to Advanced levels. 30-45min class

Buns & Guns

Who doesn’t want toned arms and a firm booty??? This workout combines a mix of cardio and strength training with the focus on both arms and glutes! Mat and dumbbells and booty band needed. Modifications offered to all fitness levels. 30-45min class


This class will focus on proper balance, postural alignment and core strength. We will utilize light weights, mat, resistance bands and body weight to sculpt and tone the entire body. 40-60min class

Morning Flow Yoga

This is a great way to start your day! This 30-min flow will stretch the entire body, challenge your balance and range of motion. Ideal for beginners and intermediate


This workout will be non-stop action from warm up to the final minute of class. You will be doing a combination of strength work mixed with cardio bursts along with core work too! From head to toe, you will melt away calories and shred your entire body! Dumbbells and mat needed. Intermediate to Advanced. 45min class

LIIT (Low Intensity Interval Training)

Want to Tone up and sculpt your entire body but keep the impact LOW? This class is designed to improve muscular strength and endurance with resistance training exercises that target major muscles. Low impact but don’t let that fool you…this will still challenge you and burn calories! Dumbbells and mat needed. All fitness levels. 30-45min class

Restorative Yoga

The gentle to challenging pace of this 30-min slow rhythmic yoga class invites students who are in search of a practice that encourages mindful form and motion of the body, along with the awareness of breathing. Despite the speed of the class, the poses are beneficial for strength building, stability and postural alignment and aid in relaxation, stress reduction and overall well-being. Beginner to intermediate.

Lower Body Burn

Just want leg day??? You will love this Total leg workout that will target hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads, inner thighs and hips! Bodyweight, booty band and dumbbells used. Modifications offered for all fitness levels. 30-45min class

Bodyweight BLAST

Total body workout that uses ONLY your body for all the exercises and combines a variety of exercises from basic cardio kickboxing moves to squat jumps, pushups and everything in between! Burn a TON of calories and have a TON of fun! High and low impact options offered so suitable for all fitness levels. 30-45min

Total Body Tabata

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that traditionally consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds interspersed with a brief rest of 10 seconds. We will also switch it up and do a variety of tabata times such as 30/15, 40/20 and 45/15 and even 60/30!! Modifications offered to fit all fitness levels. Dumbbells and mat are needed. 30-45min class

Power Hour Yoga

This hour long lunch flow will definitely help you over the midday slump. Expect core work and poses that will challenge your balance and strength. This is great for the intermediate and advanced looking to be pushed out of their comfort zone. Arm balances and inversions will be offered as optional poses in this class.

Upper Body Crush

Looking to focus on upper body today? Tune in for this workout that will target the chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps!  Bodyweight and dumbbells. Modifications offered for all fitness levels. 30-45min class

Core and Mobility

All you need is a mat and 30min of focused attention and you will bring length into your muscles and also balance that with strength in this incredible class! The perfect way to alleviate muscle soreness and build CORE strength. For all fitness levels.

Cardio HEAT

Turn up the heat with this cardio focused class!! All you need is a mat and plenty of water! This is a high impact class. Intermediate to Advanced. 30min class


A killer workout that will leave your CORE burning and thirsty for more! This class is not advised for those pregnant, anyone with diastasis recti or if you are unable to get down on the floor. Sliders are used in a lot of the workouts so have them available or paper plates work too! Intermediate to Advanced levels


This is a total-body energetic workout designed to develop coordination, release stress and destroy calories! Punch, kick and strike your way through this 30 min high intensity shredder! Suitable for all fitness levels and will help you get fit, fast and strong while empowering your inner warrior! No equipment needed. 30min class

Basic Training

A combination of strength and low impact cardio, core & balance training that’s perfect for the beginner, “active ager” or anyone looking for a more modified workout that will provide a better path to health! You can use dumbbells, resistance tubing and even a chair for support. Beginner level. 30-45min class


This class is built around 3 rounds of high intensity movements and ends with a core blaster and cool down! You will need dumbbells, a mat and plenty of water! The pace will be fast but modifications offered for all levels.

In addition to the LIVE classes, you will also have a library of recorded workouts that you can do anytime!!!


LOVE Yourself!!! Use the code LOVE for $5 off your first month of Virtual gym! Offer expires 2/28/21