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This is a primarily self-paced/self guided program that includes weekly check lists and video instruction for how to navigate the course. There will be a 1 hour exercise breakdown and form check session each Tuesday of the week @ 9am EST via Zoom with Coach Barb. Please note that the only support given for this option in through a private facebook group. For details on the Strong as a Mother TRANSFORMATION…reach out to Barb Ladimir ( to learn more about this 12-week opportunity that includes 1:1 sessions and unlimited form checks along with a nutrition plan. 


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Strong as a Mother is a unique program written by Barb Ladimir is the owner of Fitness320, Mom of 5, a certified Personal Trainer and Group strength coach and Postpartum & Pregnancy Corrective Exercise Specialist. This program is her PASSION and she has devoted hundreds of hours of research and study to design this to be incredibly effective!

You do not have to be a mother to be part of this class--She designed the program for ANYONE looking to build a STRONG core the MOST EFFECTIVE way....because your CORE is your central command station for your entire body! The goal is for you to be "Strong as a Mothaaaaaa"..... 🙂

This can also include PREGNANT women looking to keep their core strong during their pregnancy and will in turn allow for a faster recovery after birth. In addition, anyone experiencing a dysfunctional pelvic floor or desiring to safely get their postpartum body back into health again would be perfect for this class!

This is a 8- week self guided program that is facilitated on facebook so you will need a facebook account to participate. The LIVE Q&A classes are held on Tuesdays at 9amEST via ZOOM and are recorded and posted for easy access.

The workouts will focus on strengthening the core and ALL of its parts (adductors, glutes, hamstrings, all 4 areas of abdominals, lats, serratus, rhomboids and chest) while perfecting good breathing patterns and posture to allow for the most effective exercises and strength gains. WE TAKE OUT THE GUESSING GAME AND GIVE YOU PROGRAMING THAT IS SPECIFIC TO BUILDING A BALANCED AND STRONG CORE! You will learn all the WHY's behind the HOW's of the exercises. This will be low impact, but that in no way means "easy." Your body will be challenged in ways you never imagined, and exercises will be combined to provide the maximum results.  When you finish this course, you will have the confidence to continue strength training safely and effectively.

***It is NOT included with this program but we DO highly recommend the Intentional21 Nutrition program along side Strong as a Mother. Intentional21 is an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan that will detox your body and the side effects of that are weight loss, reduction of inflammation in your joints, gut, intestines, better sleep patterns, more energy and more!! The combination of Intentional21 and Strong as a Mother will provide you with the most effective abdominal engagement and strength gains. You will LOOK and FEEL like a new person....STRONG as Mother!!!! Visit our Intentional21 page on the Fitness320 website to find more info and register!!***

**This is NOT a quick fix...but rather a strong foundation to healing and strength. Consistency is KEY and will provide faster and LONG TERM results. Each body is different and may require a longer time of work for healing and this program will provide that plan for you!**

Required Equipment: Foam roller (18-36inches) yoga block, chair, mat, towel, resistance bands with door anchor, light to medium resistance booty band and light dumbbells

Weekly exercise breakdowns are LIVE via Zoom and if any classes are missed you will be able to still make it up by accessing the playback recording!!

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