Crossfit EnFuego | M/W | 830 AM EST | Coach Jenny



830 AM EST  Monday, Wednesday 
Crossfit EnFuego
3320 Land O’ Lakes Blvd
Meet inside the gym and upstairs. Bring water. All equipment provided.

Instructor: Coach Jenny

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6-week full body boot camp includes 6, 12 or 18 workouts (depending on the package you pick) during the 6 week time frame. We also offer a 7th week bonus week to allow for any missed classes. In addition, you will be added to an exclusive group for your boot camp on facebook where the workouts will be posted along with other great tips and encouragement. We provide a ton of one on one attention and modifications for all fitness levels as well enjoying the FUN of group fitness! Bring a fitness mat and plenty of water to each workout.

***It is NOT included with this program but we DO highly recommend the Intentional21 Nutrition program along side Bootcamp. Intentional21 is an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan that will detox your body and the awesome side effects of that are weight loss, reduction of inflammation in your joints, gut & intestines, you will have better sleep patterns, more energy and so much more!! The combination of Intentional21 and Bootcamp will provide you with the most effective abdominal engagement and strength gains. You will LOOK and FEEL like a new person!!!! Visit our Intentional21 page on the Fitness320 website to find more info and register!!***

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